Transcription of Audio Files

For some time now, I have been offering the transcription of interviews, conversations and voice recordings of all kinds. I work with Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Happy Scribe. I can offer you TXT, PDF, DOCX and DOC formats.

For transcriptions, I use simple Dresing & Pehl transcription.

For some jobs, however, just converting the audio into a text file without the identification of speakers, pauses, emotions or without listing time stamps is completely sufficient. Some customers only need a correctly spelled text that is easy to read. I simply call this variant Transcription Basic. I offer this service in correct spelling in the font Verdana, 11 point.

Depending on which variant you choose, I will create the files you want with the necessary content.


Video Subtitling

I can offer you the transcription of audio files and the subtitling of videos for the following languages:


  • English (US, GB)
  • German


You will receive a separate SRT file that you can incorporate into your YouTube or other videos. At your request, I can also enter subtitles into your video. My software works with copies of your video files.



I offer voiceover for your videos in German language. The price for the voiceover also includes the adaption of the sound quality.

Link to my voice sample.